Brothers and Bright and Shining Lights!

In walk four year-old Tobias and six year-old Galen, with dozens of brand new toys and books to donate.

They told us a remarkable story, that their parents had helped them celebrate their respective birthdays; Tobias with a swim party and Galen with a football party. They asked their friends to bring an unwrapped present for GiftsToGive to help local children who were not as fortunate and would not get a birthday present!

In this crazy mixed up world we live in, over 24 million American children live in poverty. On the South Coast over 50,000 children live in poverty. For a lot of them, their birthdays are just another day!

To have this family share their values, not only with their children, but with their community is priceless. These brothers are surely bright and shining lights and for us, a great hope for their generation.

Help a child celebrate their birthday ... one share at a time.