Dominik and Konlin Turn Five – But Wait – There’s More!

Dominik and Konlin

Dominik and Konlin

Turning five years-old is something very special. Especially for twins! Understanding philanthropy at five … well talk about making our day!

Saturday afternoon, two ball players arrived at the mill with a zillion brand new toys in tow. They explained to us that they wanted to help children who were not as fortunate as they were and who might not get a birthday present.

Parents Kathryn and Dennis had this to say – “Our boy’s just turned five years old and had a wonderful party with family and friends. We have been truly blessed with two wonderful healthy boys, a loving family and many friends. We know that there are many in the community that are less fortunate than us, and we feel it is important to help others and give back whenever possible. 

We have tried to instill in our children just how significant this is and began having conversations with them about what they could do to help kids who may not be as fortunate. At first, they suggested that they could give some of their toys to children who did not have any. We then explained to them to try to remember how good it felt when they received a new gift for their birthday; how surprised or happy they were to get something they wanted or wished for and that some little boys and girls don’t ever get to feel that way. 

The boys started to understand. We suggested that they could ask all their friends coming to their party to bring an unwrapped toy, and then we would get those toys to the little boys and girls who were less fortunate to open. The boys both agreed.”

GiftsToGive CEO Jim Stevens said – “We work hard at helping to build a more caring community. We know that by connecting children to giving and service we can begin to build a foundation that will endure. For parents like Dennis and Kathryn to raise Dominik and Konlin to share their values and more importantly to share their treasure is not only a game changer, but for certain – is a bright and shining light for all of us to embrace and to follow.”

“Going forward, when people talk to us about the problem with children today, we’ll patiently smile and nod and then tell them the story of our two favorite baseball players and what they did on a most perfect May Saturday!”

Help a child celebrate their birthday ... one share at a time.