Birthday Parties

No birthday this year

No birthday this year

How much do we love our children? Let us count the ways. Wait! We can’t count the ways because there are a zillion of them!

Over 4,000 SouthCoast children are homeless. Over 35,000 local children live in poverty. What did they do wrong?

The need is overwhelming and immediate. Thousands of these children do not receive birthday presents. You can help to change this.

Some of our favorite ways are:

SIMPLE: Hold the birthday party at your home and ask invitees to bring an unwrapped present for a GiftsToGive child.

ALMOST SIMPLE: Gather all invitees to a pre-party of two hours of service at the GiftsToGive Philanthropy Factory

STILL SIMPLE BUT MORE WORK: Bring the birthday boy or girl to the factory for an orientation and tour (30 minutes). Let us help you to define giving and sharing and ask the birthday recipient to consider holding their party at the factory where invitees can volunteer for a few hours and also celebrate at the same time, in the same space!

FOR ADULT LOVED ONES: Go all out and invite 50-100 adults to an evening of giving and service at the factory. Ask your invitees to bring a scientific and/or educational unwrapped present for a homeless child and work for two hours helping us process donations and fill orders. Offering along the way – work-breaks and tasty treats!

The gift for a child that you love, is their learning the power of giving and service, by helping others.

The gift for you? Well …. actually, it is obvious and priceless!

Help a child celebrate their birthday ... one share at a time.