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Dominik and Konlin

Dominik and Konlin celebrated twin birthdays. They brought us dozens of new birthday gifts!

Do your children or grandchildren, nieces or nephews, get more gifts on their birthday than they will ever need or use or even play with? Is there a grown-up in your life that deserves a HUGE birthday party and your guests could bring educational and scientific toys and books for children?

Host your child’s next birthday (or yours!) at home or at the factory and ask your friends and family to bring new items (toys, clothes, baby items) for children in-need.

The gift for your child? Learning the power of giving and service, by helping others.

The gift for you? Well …. actually it is priceless!

If you would like more information or to talk about the possibilities for you or someone you love, please contact us.

Call or Email Jim at 508-717-8715 x 111

Help a child celebrate their birthday ... one share at a time.